Why us ?

We-Cities offers modern rentals furnished accommodation for short and mid-term , including personalized services to simplify your stay.

Once Upon a Time...

... the story of three passionate Anne-Sophie and Marie, in love with their city and their region. They said to themselves: "If the best way to discover a city like Paris or Bordeaux is to be guided by a passionate, someone who lives there and knows the secrets, why should not I be the good fairy of Curious and adventurous tourists? No big hotels or tourist traps, but rather the energy and the authentic beauty of the neighborhoods around us! A living stay in the heart of an unusual and eccentric city: eat local, move local, go out local. And after being impregnated with our city and our habits, to be able to rest like a local, in comfortable accommodations, fully equipped, with the characters of each but ... resolutely local! After long hours of work, we-Cities was borned. Follow us on our Facebook page. With we-Cities, you will discover the best places for a romantic diner, the must-see bars where to spend a good evening with friends, the exhibitions not to be missed and the fashionable shops where you let go! Do not hesitate to contact us to give us a place you liked or to ask us about the rental of your dreams ... As beautiful meetings in beautiful buildings, we-Cities.com is present on Bordeaux and Paris and offers short, medium and long term rentals: charming, typical, comfortable, contemporary or authentic, make your choice!

Why choose we-Cities ?

Because when you travel you seek well-being, comfort and originality.
Because you want to be taken care of during your stay.
Because you are eager to go through a real experience.
Because you prefer getting advices from a local lover rather than from a tourist guide.
Because to you renting an apartment is not only a matter of survival but more of a desire to get involved into the local life

With your beloved, family or between friends and even in a professional purpose we-Cities offers you modern, original and comfortable apartments specially selected by us.

Our objective is to make you enjoy an unforgettable stay in our charming city in unveiling unknown alternative places which are free from tourists.

We-Cities has established a quality charter that we respect in order to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction. 

We-Cities offers you additional services and more personalized as hotels and cheaper

We-Cities respects you and wants to take care of everyone.

We-Cities is committed to the success of your stay and offers an information service to answer all your questions and advise you.

Who is behind we-Cities ?

Anne-Sophie Aibar, fonder, fall in love with Paris and launch we-Cities in 2010, short rental specialist intra-muros.

Marie Esteve, borned in Gironde area, found we-Cities in 2014 !